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Forced to grab her ankles for a punishment spanking

I am such a fan of having a young lady assume the position of grabbing her ankles for her spanking.  It accomplishes many thing in adding to the dynamic of a proper punishment.  First, it is a very intimate position that most young ladies do not find themselves assuming on a very regular basis, if at all.  It exposes them in such an effective way to make them feel very vulnerable and embarrassed, with more than just their bottom on display.  It provides a situation in which they are literally presenting their bottom to be spanked.  Just being told to lay over a bed, or bend over a desk, is a much different experience than lifting up a skirt, or lowering pants, baring their pretty bottom, and then grabbing their ankles.  It also makes them a more active participant in a punishment that they have earned.  Being held in place for a spanking in not much of an act of submission, but having to present their bottom, and maintain such an exposed position helps them achieve ownership of their punishment.  It is their behavior that got them there, so it makes sense that they should have to assist in anyway possible.  Something else that this position accomplishes is that it pulls the muscles in the bottom very tight towards the surface for their spanking.  A tighter bottom means that the sting of the implement is not going to be shielded by a fleshy bottom.  They will feel this spanking more, and the effects will be longer lasting, possible increasing the chances for bruising.  When a young lady has been very naughty, I highly recommend that she be required to grab her ankles and present herself properly for a long and hard punishment spanking.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/09 at 03:47 PM


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