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Recently I received the comment,

“A little off the immediate subject, but I was struck by your comment that “it is much easier to find good spanking models than it is to find safe and effective on camera spankers.” Not being in the business I don’t have any direct experience with this but I would assume you’d have plenty of volunteers. What is it that makes it so hard to find people who are “safe and effective"?"

It is a good question, so I thought I would address it as a blog post.  The first answer is yes, there are plenty of volunteers and over the years we have had dozens of people offer to spank for free.  The primary problem I run into is having a spanker that makes the model feel very comfortable.  The main way I gauge how well I am doing on the production side of things is if a model reschedules for another shoot, following her first shoot.  My entire goal with a new model is to make her feel comfortable with everyone involved and to slowly build up trust.  When a model is new, I am generally the only male around for her initial shoots, or there are no males present at all.  Let’s face it, most women find it easier to get naked, on or off camera, in a room with a few girls in it, and not a bunch of guys standing around checking them out.  So the first problem I run into with male spankers, even without the spanking, is if they can conduct themselves in a way that the model does not feel like she is being checked out all the time by the guys in the room.  Let’s face it, many of the models we get are young and beautiful and it takes great restraint from older men to not just leave their jaw hanging open when she strips off all her clothes.  Any sign from a male spanker that he is sexually attracted to the model, quickly creates a level of discomfort.  A young lady is less likely to want to go over the lap of some strange guy for a spanking, if he spent the last minute staring at her ass.  I personally go far out of my way to make sure that this is never the case.  I will illustrate with an example.  There are models that I have spanked dozens of times, have had them fully naked and grabbing their ankles for me, and even had them naked on the bed in the diaper position with their legs spread for a spanking.  But, when the scene is over and it is time for her to change her clothes for the next scene, I leave the room.  I am the person that makes sure that before we shoot a “punishment profile”, that there is a robe in the room to hand to a model the second we stop filming.  Once again, even though she was just fully naked in front of me, I leave the room until she has put her clothes back on.  Not all guys are able to show this kind of restraint.  Can you imagine getting a job at a topless bar as a bouncer and being told that you can’t look at the dancers?

Most guys that want to work as a spanker are not doing it as a career or for the money, they want to spank pretty young bottoms and see beautiful naked girls running around.  I can’t say that I blame them, but I can say it is not good for business when it is clear that they are there because it turns them on.  Someone really into spanking also seems to have a little bit of their own agenda when it comes to doing the spanking.  As spankos, we all have our little twists on the fetish and things that we like to do or see in a video.  Many spankers out there have waited their whole life for an opportunity to spank hot college girls in a role playing situation, and when they finally get the chance they want to enjoy it.  As subtle as it may be, the models pick up very fast on who is enjoying giving them a spanking and it effects how they feel about the situation.  Another good example is the fact that in real life, I love to rub a freshly spanked bottom.  A beautiful, warm, glowing, freshly spanked bottom draped over your knee is truly a wonderful thing.  As a true ass man, and a spanking pervert, there is nothing more appealing to me than the site of a freshly spanked bottom.  What I really want to do at the end of a spanking is rub and squeeze that butt for hours, but you will be hard pressed to find a scene in which I do any rubbing at all.  When an otk scene is stopped for any length of time for lecturing or whatever, you will generally see my hand resting on her lower back, and never her butt.  I believe it goes well beyond personal conduct, in trying to make a model feel comfortable.  It is not just about being a good boy and not acting like a pervert, it is about being able to break the ice and interacting with the model in a way that just makes it all friendly and takes some of the nervousness out of the situation.

It is also very hard to find someone who can deliver basic lines on camera in an authoritative manner.  Personally, I think I suck at it.  I recently read a review of male spankers on a spanking forum, and someone posted that “that long hair guy sucks, I can never hear what he is saying”.  The truth is, if there was someone who could do it even slightly better than me, I would never had appeared on camera in the first place.  I have yet to have anyone apply for a job that has an acting background, and I promise you, it is harder than it seems.  I have had male spankers whose hands were trembling so much, that I had to stop the scene before we even started, just to let them relax and calm down.  The truth is, the spanking is the easy part.  The spanking I can teach, but I cannot teach someone interpersonal communication skills, nor can I teach them to be less excited.  However, with the exception of Coach, I have yet to find a male spanker who actually has the experience and skill as a spanker that he claims to.  Having given a few dozen handspankings in no way makes you qualified to swing a belt, cane, or paddle.  The very hardest part of administering an on camera spanking, to a model who does not enjoy being spanked, is being able to read body language and non-verbal cues.  It is not easy to take a girl who has no desire to be spanked and to guide her through a spanking that leads to tears.  When this has been accomplished, you better be sure you got her there the right way, or you will never see her again.

On top of all of this, you then have to find someone who is willing to appear on the internet on a “porn” site.  No one really makes a living as a spanker, so this means that they have a real job.  Are they willing to risk their current job for this opportunity?  My decision to do this for a living has killed a whole lot of future career paths should I decide to do something different.  The last time we put out an open casting call for male spankers, local to the Denver area, resulted in five interviews.  When all was said and done, we ended up with Mr. King, the only one who came close to having anything remotely resembling what we were looking for.  He showed some promise, but after the thrill of the naked girls bending over for a spanking thing wore off, he seemed to just fade away.  The truth is, it is far more work than you could ever imagine.  It is not just showing up, spanking some girls, and then going home.  We do not script our scenes word for word, we present an outline to the spanker and the spankee and it is the job of the spanker to make the scene work.  Once the spanking begins, there is no redoing it.  Once those cameras start rolling, the spanker is pretty much on their own to make it all work.  There is no yelling “cut” half way through a spanking, expecting that we will start over.  If something unexpected happens, it is the job of the spanker to make it work in the scene.  I have had many people ask how I manage to keep from getting “excited” during a scene.  The simple truth is that with all that is going on and all of the pressure that is on you as a spanker, when the record button is pressed, your biggest focus is on not screwing up and making sure you get good content and keep the model happy.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/24 at 01:21 PM


Thanks for a concise and plausible explanation of on camera scene dynamics and especially for coming as close as possible to presenting a recipe that leads to the goal of instilling in a model the intent to return for another shoot. I am sure I could come very close to meeting your criteria, but I'd be a no show because I couldn't imagine trading a successful three plus decade professional career for the opportunity to flatten some fine female fanny flesh.
Posted by P63  on  06/24  at  08:08 PM | #
I had a similar effect in art classes at college. When the model is standing right in front of you, staring off into space, you just have to forget that she's buck naked and paint the picture. It doesn't take long for the artist to view the model as just another collection of light and shadow spaces, and she becomes interesting only in that she is a challenging subject to render.
Posted by  on  06/25  at  01:17 PM | #
A very interesting read. As a fan of spanking, I think I would agree that there are far more good spanking models than there are good spankers, at least as far as the publicly distributed videos show.
Posted by elimelech  on  06/25  at  04:57 PM | #
I don't mean to sound like I am bragging but the truth is I am exactly what you were looking for when you interviewed for male spankers. I am not a professional actor but I do have the talent and could pull off the authority figure charecter without a hitch. I am also attractive and have the ability to make a woman feel at ease with a spanking. As far as my own conservative estimate I have given over 500 licks with a wooden paddle to jean covered bottoms. I am also very experienced with the hairbrush, belt, etc. (not any experience with the cane because my former wife was not comfortable with it). I know what will cause a bruise and what will not. To bad I live so far from Denver but I do travel.
Best Regards,
Posted by  on  06/25  at  05:49 PM | #
Interesting, I had never really thought of it in such a manner. I had considered actually starting my own business awhile back, with mostly soft content at the start, but I have yet to. It's definitely more work than most expect, that and I can't seem to find people truly willing to take on that possible societal stigma. I had, but they chickened out. I actually could have had some models, but there arose another problem. I was initially going to market locally, but then how to protect the girls themselves from unwanted attention? So many problems can arise so suddenly in this industry...have you any suggestions for a fledgling adult entertainment photographer/producer?

P.S. If I was in the area, I would definitely have applied for an interview. XD
Posted by  on  06/26  at  08:25 AM | #

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