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[ Saturday, June 28, 2008 ]

What is a spanking paddle?

spanking picture

For me, when I think of a paddle that is intended to be used as a disciplinary tool, the implement above is the first thing to pop into my head.  I am sure that whatever your first experience was with a paddle has a lot to do with what you picture when thinking about a paddle.  For me, a paddle being an actual reality, was a concept that was introduced to me when I moved to Texas and I realized that spanking does indeed take place in some school districts.  The paddle above is pretty close to what sat on the desk of the VP every time I was sent to the office in junior high.

It only takes a very basic search online for spanking implements to realize that there are a lot of implements out there that are paddles, that are far different from my own image of a spanking paddle.  When considering writing this post, I was forced to consider what defines a paddle as a paddle.  It is most confusing when you add leather implements into the equation.  At what point does a strip of leather transition from being a strap and technically becomes a paddle?  If a piece of leather is shaped like a paddle, and not a belt, is it now a paddle?  I would have to argue that this is not the case.  I have seen many “prison straps” that seem to have all of the dimensions of a large fraternity paddle, but are clearly still a strap.  My personal thoughts are that it comes down to follow through on the swing.  I feel any implement that can be swung like a belt, in that after the implement makes contact with the bottom that you continue through the swing, is a strap.  A large piece of leather, that has been stiffened enough that you would swing it like a wooden paddle, is therefore a paddle.  When defining implements for scene descriptions online, this is pretty much the thought process behind it.  Within this, I feel there is a category that fits between the two, which is what I would call a slapper.  This is essentially a small leather paddle, that does not really meet the qualifications of a paddle or a strap.

We are quite fortunate with the Internet that there are now tons of new paddle type implements out there for sale.  Over the years people have begun to get very creative is the types of paddles they are creating.  Ten years ago I could only find wooden paddles for sale online, but now they are made of everything you can think of.  At the studio we have a couple of lexan paddles which are quite effective.  As effective as they are, I did not use them much myself for spanking scenes.  The problem with the lexan paddle, is that it does not make for great video.  A lexan paddle hurts far worse than most people can imagine, and as a result, a spanking video with a lexan paddle always seems a little light.  These paddles hit with the same thud as a wooden paddle, but add an incredible sting that you do not expect from a paddle.  I like to film videos in which the spanking seems as hard as the reaction you are getting from the model, and with a lexan paddle, it sometimes appears as though the spankee is acting, while in reality it really does hurt that much. 

I think that heavy leather and rubber makes a good substitute for a wooden paddle because it is less dangerous than using a wooden implement but still has the weight of wood and hits with a similar thud.  A couple of interesting options are the “Frat Bat” from Adam and Gillian’s:

spanking picture

This leather paddle is 1/2” thick, so it really does function more like a paddle than a large strap.  Another interesting paddle, while no longer available, seems like it would be a very effective alternative to wood:

spanking picture

I do not think I am a big fan of the metal backing they use, but a tire tread is certainly as heavy and effective as wood, and probably a little safer.  Cane IAC has come up with an interesting little implement:

spanking picturespanking picture

Which is a small wooden paddle that straps to your hand.  I have not tried it, but it seems like a great concept and it fixes the problems of the spanker getting a sore hand from a long handspanking.  Here are a few options for you to look at when shopping for spanking paddles:

CANE IAC Implements
Spanking Paddles by Walt
Adam & Gillian’s

Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/28 at 11:44 AM
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