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[ Tuesday, July 12, 2016 ]

Female student paddled at school

Dress code requirements in school are put in place to make sure that the focus of the students is based on learning.  Without these regulations, especially at the high school, clothing choices for both the male and female students quickly start getting out of hand.  Guys walk around with their saggy pants and their underwear showing, while the female students’ outfits quickly start getting skimpier and show off much more than is appropriate at school.  Dress code violations are dealt with in various ways, but for many of the high schools in the South, corporal punishment is often utilized.

For many young ladies, such as the one below, she sees her clothing choice to be a right, not something to be governed by school policy.  She is 18 after all, a legal adult, and old enough to join the military, vote, and even get a tattoo. It is exactly this attitude that leads to young ladies beginning to push the limit.  On this particular day, her choice was made as she changed for gym class.  For whatever reason, she made the decision to not wear a bra for gym class, and it was quickly obvious to the teacher in charge.  As this is a coed class, he found her participation in the various activities to be quite a distraction to the boys in the class.  Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin exercise top, and her breasts bounced around in a manner that was drawing too much attention.

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He pulled her aside and asked her why she was not wearing a bra, and she outright lied to his face and said she was wearing a bra.  She assumed it would have to be left at that as there was no way that he could personally verify if a bra was being worn or not.  He had her take a seat in the gymnasium and went and found a female teacher.  The teacher marched her into the locker room for some privacy and required that she lift her shirt to prove that she had the proper undergarments.  She was quite embarrassed to have to do so, but slowly raised her shirt and showed the female teacher that she was indeed braless.

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She was instructed to put her shirt back down and have a seat in the locker room.  She had lied to him in the first place as she knew that dress code violations often lead to a paddling, and that was the last thing in the world that she wanted over her thin little leggings.  She knew that things would now be worse as a result of lying right to his face.  She waited nervously in the locker room for more than 10 minutes before he entered to join her.  Just as she feared, he was carrying a very thick and heavy wooden paddle with holes drilled into it.  He had very few words for her except that she needed to stand up, place her hands on the lockers, and bend over.  While quite nervous about it all, she knew that this was not the time to argue, and she did as she was asked. 

He informed her that had she been honest that she would have received only 2 licks with the paddle, but that as a result of her dishonesty, she would be receiving 8 licks, the maximum allowed under school policy.  He told her to hold on and he got right to work.  She was about to find out firsthand that his reputation as a heavy hitter with the paddle was not unfounded.  She felt the heavy paddle touch her bottom for just a moment and then it all began.  The first swat echoed throughout the locker room and sounded like a gunshot. It buckled her knees immediately and her eyes instantly began to fill with tears.  Her hands slid down the locker as she tried her best to stay in position which certainly was not easy.

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She was not sure how she could take any more, but it was not her choice at this point.  The next paddle swat landed on top of the first one, on the lowest part of her bottom.  The crack in the locker room reverberated and the pain became much more intense.  Her knees once again buckled and the tears continued to build.  Her reactions had no effect on his approach to the paddling.  He knew from many years of experience yielding a paddle that lessons are not learned gently.  She broke a very clearly defined rule, AND lied right to his face, so her bottom was going to pay the price.  It never made any difference to him at all if he was paddling a male or a female.  The intensity of a paddling was determined by behavior alone and her behavior required that he do the best job possible.  He was confident that after 8 full force licks with the paddle that this little bra issue would never be a problem again.

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It took everything within her power to stay still for the entire paddling, but she somehow managed to do it. After the last swat landed, he told her to compose herself, get a bra on, and get back to the gym.  She was quickly left alone with more than just her thoughts; she was now feeling a pain to her bottom like she had never experienced before.  It throbbed so very intensely with each beat of her heart and even though the paddling had stopped, the pain seemed to grow. 

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She rubbed her bottom for a moment as she tried to compose herself, and then gently pulled down her leggings to inspect the damage.  She found that the lowest part of her bottom was hard to the touch.  Her little butt cheeks had swollen up so very quickly.  She pulled her panties to the side to reveal very deep and dark bruises and began to rub them intensely.  It hurt to touch, but she somehow felt like she could rub the pain away, she did not have much luck.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/12 at 08:38 AM
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