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Too Severe???

I recently received a comment regarding my private discipline video in which it was suggested that the spanking that I gave to Monica was simply just abuse, I chose not to approve the comment.  I recently received this follow up comment as a result of me not approving the original:

“Too harsh a comment for you was it? Not someone who likes to hear the opposing view? That is weakness MM...not strength.”

I would like to fully acknowledge that there is indeed someone out there that feels I went too far with that punishment.  I have encouraged this individual to write me a full e-mail, which I will post as an actual blog post, not just a comment.  I am hopeful that this person will respond to my e-mail, for I think it is important for all voices to be heard.  Here is the e-mail I sent to this individual, I hope they will take me up on my offer:


I feel as though with the comment that you sent, that you were passing judgment, not trying to engage me in a dialog.  I do not think you considered all the facts, including that this is someone who personally enjoys discipline of this nature.  She is also someone who really wants a scene that is hard enough to produce tears, in which she has never achieved.  I would be more than happy to explore your feelings on this matter, either privately or publicly.  If you would like to give me a more detailed version of why you feel what is portrayed in that scene is nothing but “abuse”, I would be more than happy to post it as an actual blog post, on my front page, and not just as a rarely read comment.  I feel there is a place for everyone to have their own opinion, and I do not feel that mine is necessarily more relevant than someone else’s.  I believe that people enjoy aspects of spanking on many different levels, from playful erotic spanking, all the way to very painful disciplinary punishments.  I believe there is room in this world for both… and everything in between.  As long as the activity is between adults and is safe, sane, and consensual, it is not my place to judge what someone else desires and achieves excitement from.

While I appreciate your point of view, I would just prefer you expand on it, and make your case with more than just a couple of sentences that seem to come across as though the activities I engage in are somehow wrong within this particular kink.  Send me your thoughts and let me know if you would like them to be viewed publicly, and I will make sure that everyone who visits my blog can read your opinion.  I will give you complete anonymity and will not include any reference to your e-mail address. I will indeed respond with a post of my own.  I can assure you I will treat you and what you have to say with much respect.  I fully realize that the harder aspects of this particular kink do now appeal to everyone and it is not my desire to encourage people to take things to a level that their partner is not comfortable with, or does not desire.  I do appreciate your input and look forward to a future dialog regarding the severity of spanking and what might be considered too much.”

Michael Masterson

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/08 at 11:09 PM


I find it disheartening when someone from within the spanking community attacks another, at least when no evidence of wrongdoing is presented. I think there is enough persecution from without, and no need for those within to attack others simply because a certain scene doesn't mesh with thier particular kink. Said poster is more than welcome to state that they didn't like the scene because it was too hard for their tastes. Totally legitmate comment. To attack and call it abuse seems a little harsh. I wish all spankos could support each other, and let each other be, so long as the activity is safe and consensual, which is scene clearly is.
I wonder if perhaps the commenter only watched the trailer, and not the entire scene. I could understand, although not agree with, how the poster could to this conclution based soley on the preview trailer. However, if they watched the whole scene, I'm not sure how they could figure it is "abuse". Monica has been working with AEG for many years, probalby has done 100s of scenes with them, and continues to after the shoot in question. In the scene, it is made quite clear that Monica decided she needed this punishment just as much as Mr. M decided it, and in no way is she ever talked down to or anything of that sort. Furthermore, Mr. M accesses the condition of her bottom regulary to ensure safety, and stops the punishment early and cancels the further caning he threated.
As I said, I totally respect if someone thinks the scene is too hard for them, and they have every right to say so, but just because you don't like it, doesn't make it abuse.
And, as an aside, the members' of RS have obviously made their thoughts clear by ranking this scene number 1, out of 1244 scenes. I think this was a great scene, and hope to see more like it! THANKS MICHAEL!!!!
Posted by Northern G  on  04/09  at  03:21 PM | #
Oh what a load of horseshit.

I've met Monica. I also watched her take a paddling from hell in Vegas a few years back. I was sitting maybe five feet away as it happened at the Venetian in Feb 06. She can take quite a pounding without shedding a tear. I personally wouldn't want to get into a paddling contest with her.

Additionally, Monica was running lights and cameras when I showed up for my last WSM session in late 2007 (or early 2008?) at the old studio. She's as gorgeous as she is smart. If Monica has a problem with what's going on within her scene at present, I'd bet the house that she'd speak up. Then Mr.M would remedy the situation accordingly without further difficulties.

Too high, too low, too fast, too hard, switch over to a different implement, can we change the position, can we take a break?...Mr.M knows how to watch out for signs of said difficulties within a scene. I don't see a problem here.

I'll tell ya what I do see...some jealous JackAss who can't get a date. So he expends his energy by attempting to fuck with a successful man within the scene like Mr.M.

The symmetry of the seen must be consensual. Anything less, and there's gonna be a problem. Mr.M actively uses that practice with RS. If Forbes were to write up an expose on the top 10 adult video companies who specialize in spanking, flogging and sensual bondage...I'll bet a shit pot full of money that Real Spankings would be in the upper deck of said list.

You get that JackAss? Hmm? In other words, don't fuck with Mr.M, he'll shred your ass in half a heartbeat.

On a personal note...Mike, why do you bother your mind with these insignificant idiots who clearly aren't worth your time in the first place? I understand you're trying to prove a point, but idiots like this are much ado about nothing. He's just trying to rattle you if he can.

Thanks, Razor
Posted by  on  04/09  at  06:00 PM | #
I'm going to keep this short. Few of the spanking models have REAL acting ability. Hence if the punishment is not severe, a REAL CONVINCING reaction is not achieved.

This is why I almost solely like the sites with fairly severe punishments which (other than the RealSpankings network of sites)are ALL European or UK, not USA. However I do not approve of going overboard like Mood Pictures (now out of business) did.

The few models with acting ability include Niki Flynn, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Rosaleen Young (no longer active in the business), Charlie ( and Pixie ( But by and large if the punishment is not severe the other models can not convincingly act like it is. And that makes a big difference in my enjoyment of spanking material.

Posted by  on  04/11  at  05:46 AM | #
Michael that was a great Video. As I am sure you know no matter what you do, you are going to make someone unhappy. I've even gotten death threats before from people that didn't know either me or the model. What was that line from that old song? You can't please you've got to please yourself.
Posted by Outlaw  on  04/11  at  07:10 AM | #
I don't think someone should be attacked for their opinion however wrong it may be. It is obvious that Mr.M and Monica have a relationship of some sort. this wasn't a scenario where they gave a girl $500 to let him beat her. Then it would be abusive. She knew what she was getting into, probably asked for it, and probably enjoyed it (maybe not that second). It is stupid to name call, either Mr M or the writer of the original complaint.

I don't understand why the RS subscribers give so much negative feedback, adn so little positive. If I see a scene I don't like, I just think, "well let me check the other 400 on here" I don't fire off emails to Mr. M! RS is not made for MY enjoyment alone. Although if it were, Sarah would be tied up in the basement only allowed out to film scenes forever and ever! HAHAHA
Posted by jbl1970  on  04/11  at  09:34 AM | #
Hi, Mike,

Great job! It's always a good thing when someone believes that the girls are being "abused". If you would like to see some more photos of "abused" bottoms, take a look at my new post on my blog:

Posted by Ken  on  04/11  at  09:37 AM | #
this thread seems to very similar to the thread about mood pictures getting raided.

I have been an RS customer for years. This type of scene does not interest me at all. A spanking does not have to do that much damage to be effective.

The only reason I am still a customer is because of the archives. There has been very little of the videos I have watched in the past year have been of any interest at all. I rarely take the time to down load the latest update.
Posted by  on  04/11  at  09:10 PM | #

I am not exactly the greatest fan of some of your business and personal practices, although that is my cross to bear, not yours.

That said, I also respect the fact that despite the often transient nature of the modelling business you and your company have built lasting relationships with a number of women.

With these factors in mind, on balance I agree with jbl1970. Monica is a long-time collaborator and can hardly be accused of getting in over her head.

Posted by  on  04/12  at  11:57 AM | #
I'd be surprised if the guy wrote back to you and expanded on his case, as you asked him to do. I have yet to meet anyone from the "This is abuse!" and "This is too severe!" crowd who had a real case to make. My experience is that they simply keep insisting, without argument, that a certain video is just, well, "abuse" and "too severe". It is a fruitless discussion.

My own position regarding spanking and spanking videos has always been fairly simple. As long as:

1) All participants are adults (over 18, or in some jurisdictions over 21)
2) All participants gave their informed consent to what is about to happen, and
3) No permanent damage is done

…I am fine with whatever spanking play people engage in. It may not be my thing at all as a matter of personal taste, but I have no moral objections against it.

I think this is a very reasonable and solid moral position to have. Certainly more reasonable than the arbitrary "My spanking kink is okay, but everyone who likes it more severe than me is a pervert!" attitude exhibited by some in our Scene, including the guy who left that comment.

Keep up the good work, and don't let yourself be distracted.
Posted by Ludwig  on  04/15  at  01:30 PM | #
Oh keep up the good work of spanking the girls hard and to hell with the person who sent that message to you. If you and the spankee were both ok with what was going on who cares what other people think so don't let that message deter you.
Posted by Lance  on  04/17  at  10:21 PM | #
I can understand if they say, "I don't care for that." You are in a business, and you need feedback to make the product people want. But, to say "that is abuse" should be rightfully rejected.

Besides, this is your bog, you have every right to censor what people say here. I am all for freedom of speech, but if they want to post pointless criticisms, they can start their own blog and monitor the content of their own blog.

Keep up the good work,


P.S. I was always intrigued by mood videos because I do like the more severe end of the spectrum myself. But, I could never bring myself to buy one of their videos because things did seem to go a little too far for my tastes. It is a fine and nebulous line, and I think some of the suggestions made above about where those lines should be were astutely made by previous commenters.
Posted by Ghosm  on  05/04  at  06:10 PM | #
P.S.S. I was looking into the mood story further, and, while I think they did not have the best business practices (maybe going too far), they did not deserve what happen to them.
Posted by Ghosm  on  05/04  at  07:17 PM | #

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