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Thanks for all of the feedback I am getting through comments, you are helping me to redefine more than one site’s members area.  I really do appreciate that the comments have come alive on this blog, it makes production so much easier, and leaves me not just shooting what I like, but what all of you like.  Thanks again.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/30 at 06:33 AM


Mr. M,

with all the interest in school's office, you may want to consider starting a SCHOOL PADDLING website!

Posted by  on  04/30  at  10:29 AM | #
Good suggestion, but no new sites in the future. You can count on the fact that with me as a spanker again, you will see more than enough new school paddling videos, and a big rebirth of "School Swats" scenes. Obviously whenever I get a model in the studio that can take a real school style paddling, you can count on the fact that she will be receiving it. No worries Terry, the school paddle will be swinging.

Michael Masterson
Posted by Michael Masterson  on  04/30  at  11:13 AM | #
I should follow up by saying that the new studio will eventually have some of my dream sets, including a long school type hallway with lockers and a realistic school type locker room. Which leads me to an assignment for those of who who want to help with this project. School lockers are very expensive, if you find a source for old school lockers for sale at a bulk rate, regardless of their condition, send me an e-mail and a link to .

Posted by Michael Masterson  on  04/30  at  11:16 AM | #
I'm certainly happy to read about the school swats scenes. It will be great to see a new crop of models going through that. I can't wait for that new DVD to come out, too.
Posted by  on  04/30  at  09:54 PM | #
A few things I like but never see enough of are:

1. Girls getting their mouths soaped, or doing cornertime with a bar of soap in their mouths;

2. Girls having their nipples pinched, pulled, tweaked, etc.

3. Girls curtseying.

One BIG no-no is tattoos. Girls with tattoos on their bums are a real turn-off.
Posted by  on  05/17  at  01:52 AM | #

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