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“Tank” strapping scene repost

I am sure I have posted this before, but I came across this scene again today and I forget how much I enjoy it.  It has everything I feel a good discipline video requires.  He does not express anger, simply the fact that it is clear she broke a rule of some sort and there are to be consequences for that action.  He is very matter-a-fact with his “pull up your little shirt there and take down your drawers”.  It seems like a realistic punishment and ranks very high on my all time best movie spanking scenes.

tank spanking scene

Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/16 at 01:04 AM


This IS a good scene, in isolation, and lord knows Jenilee Harrison is an attractive woman and was very sexy in that role. Having seen the entire movie, I have trouble enjoying the scene because the sheriff is blatantly, cynically and cruelly abusing his authority, not just in this instance but throughout the movie. He's one of the son-of-a-bitchiest sons of bitches in the history of fiction.

Something that surprised me (which must be a function of how LONG it's been since I watched this) was to notice who's playing the deputy. In a throwaway minor part in what is, in the end, a minor movie, that's James Cromwell! I think of him now as a prestigious actor; back then he must have been scrambling for any role he could get. So, The Farmer from the sheepherding pig movie Babe, and Zefram Cochrane from Star Trek: First Contact, and Dr. Alfred Lanning from I, Robot (among many other roles) was playing the dim-witted, horny deputy.
Posted by  on  11/16  at  06:53 AM | #
I have always loved this scene. I think the only TV/movie strapping scene that I like better is the scene in the movie Nightmare in Badham County. Both are great scenes.

I remember the first time I saw the Tank scene. It was in 1984 and my parents were moving me to college in Pennsylvania. We stopped at a hotel on the way and we shared a room. This movie came on and I remember how uncomfortable I was when this scene played because I was so turned on and my parents had no idea I was a spanko.

Posted by  on  11/17  at  03:55 AM | #
When it comes to movie spankings, this is the one that comes to mind. Followed closely by the Spanking John Wayne Gave Maureen Ohara in McLintock
Posted by  on  11/17  at  06:29 AM | #
Really great spanking scene, until you understand the context. An out of control sheriff totally abusing his authority, which is not at all what spankos stand for.
Posted by  on  11/17  at  06:01 PM | #
Okay, I'll go ahead admit that was one of the first spanking scenes I umm...ever fantasized about after seeing it. It's the loud slap of the belt that did it for me. Plus you gotta add in her ability to submit to said punishment. In my nasty little mind, her obedience and actions makes the whole scene consensual and all the more hot to watch and conjecture thereafter.

Now if you've noticed, we also have a young James Cromwell in this scene. I've actually met him before and I'm sorry I couldn't ask him how that scene was shot. (too many vanillas in the room and I didn't want to potentially embarrass him)

What gets me, is the Sheriff is swinging his belt at a strange angle. If you're using a floppy implement like a leather belt, you really have to watch your aim and point of impact. If you're gonna pop a girl's butt while she's on her belly you'd swing up and down at a 90 degree angle so you don't rap her or hit another part of her anatomy that is not meant to be hit at full force.

Like the rest of the nasty minded perverts out in the world, that scene will always be one of my favorites. You never see her bare butt getting popped, but the sound of the belt does get your imagination started, does it not?

Posted by  on  11/17  at  09:59 PM | #
Oh, I LOVE that scene!
Posted by Hermione  on  11/19  at  02:27 PM | #
It was the first spanking I saw on TV (video tape). I was in HS and subject to the paddle at school, and belt at home. It was also the first time I felt turned on by a spanking. I'd seen girls get in in JH and was excited about it, but not turned on per say. It remains my favorite.
Posted by xman  on  11/20  at  12:31 AM | #
BTW I swear when I first saw it, at the end when the pickup is just driving along the road, you could still hear the belt landing? I've never seen a clip with it that way, and the dvd isn't. Maybe it was imagination? Wishful thinking?
Posted by xman  on  11/20  at  12:40 AM | #
Razor makes a good point about her obedience. She's obviously done something the sheriff doesn't like (it's been too long since I've seen the movie to remember what). Maybe she didn't realize she was acting against the sheriff's interests when she did it, and once she did realize, she understood she deserved a punishment? Or, she realized she was defying him when she did it, but decided it was worth the punishment? Either way, she seems to accept his authority to spank her. As far as I can remember, she could leave his jurisdiction if she wanted; she's not a prisoner, she's not being coerced in that sense. So, just within this one scene, it does seem consensual; the naughty girl who knows she's been naughty and accepts the consequences for her butt.
Posted by  on  11/21  at  06:06 AM | #
The sheriff was mad at Sarah because his deputy got beat up by James Garner, a G.I. who was trying to protect her, the night before.

Sarah is the local prostitute that the sheriff allows to work in his town because the Army base is nearby. Most likely, the sheriff gets a cut of what she makes, so in turn, he is her boss (pimp). Therefore, he punishes her as he sees fit, and rather than beat up her face or mark her with coat hangers, which would put her out of work for awhile, he uses his belt to give her a good old fashioned southern strapping. It will also serve as a reminder to Sarah when she lays on her back that evening at work. She submits to the strapping because she's a whore and it's the only town she can work in without getting hassled by the local authorities. And besides her obvious poor living conditions, she probably makes pretty good money. Another reason she takes the whipping is she's young, probably without any family, so she views the sheriff as her father figure.

While there wasn't another scene in the movie, I imagine she submitted to many similar strappings. Although she was reluctant, she sure knew what to do when he ordered her to pull up her shirt and get her drawers down. I know they cut the scene before the whipping was over, but I always wondered how many licks she would have received. 8? 12? 16? More?

Posted by  on  11/23  at  05:22 AM | #
Also I wanted to add, the army base was pretty big, so I'm sure Sarah wasn't the only girl the sheriff had on his payroll, but I believe she was one of his best. So, I think the he didn't want her to fall in love with one of the G.I.'s who would take her away from him. That's why he wanted to remind her that it was business and not to get personal.

Posted by  on  11/23  at  06:02 AM | #

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