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Spanked Instead of Grounded

I would say she makes a pretty good case for a spanking.  Don’t worry, I do not know if she is 18 or not (although it seems she is driving age), but there is no actual spanking in this clip.  As always, I do not believe in the spanking of children, but as she describes it, I would have to say that she should indeed be spanked if that is the decision she makes.  I have followed the link at the end, and it is real and it is virus free.  I would suggest the paddle, over jeans for her.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/01 at 11:18 AM


She says that she doesn't think she's ever been spanked.

It's all fun and games talking about being spanked, but I can guarantee you that if this girl did agree to a real spanking, it would be the last time she would voluntarily choose a spanking.

I would make her lay face down on her bed with several pillows under her hips and I would use a wide leather belt across her jeans. 12 licks would be sufficient.

What would she tell her classmates at school when she's standing in the shower after gym class with leather belt welts on her bare bottom? Might be pretty embarrassing. I wonder how she would take the teasing.

Posted by  on  12/01  at  09:27 PM | #
How did you FIND that? That is a classic. The Ungrounding Calculator had some thought put into it. Some of it is facetious -- suggesting "an old, splintery wooden spoon" as one of the implements -- and it's apparently meant only for girls (do boys already get spanked and it's only girls who get grounded? do only girls MIND getting grounded enough to contemplate being spanked instead? was the calculator created by a fan of X/f only?), but the formula really does work, giving absurdly long spankings if it's "soft, hand, over jeans" and more reasonable ones if it's "very hard, heavy hairbrush, on bare." I can't find out much about the calculator site -- if you try going up levels in the URL, there's nothing useful. But the girl, of course, has her own Youtube site, and has 77 uploads, so she's a regular contributor. The ungrounding post has only 3 replies; I am sorely tempted (pun intended?) to post to her, but I'm worried if she finds out the real spankos know about the post she'll pull it, so I didn't. She says she goes to Tiverton High School, which is in Rhode Island. For our peace of mind, we will pretend that she is at least 18. (I'm intentionally not giving her Youtube name; it's in the video so this is a meaningless gesture, but if one of us goes over there and bothers her, and she deletes the video, I don't want it to be my fault.)

Also, when I view her video on Youtube directly (not via this blog) off to the side in related videos there are a couple of other posts dealing with this calculator site. This is the best of the ones I looked at, though.

Fascinating. Thanks.
Posted by  on  12/02  at  12:09 AM | #
This is a classic. void(0);
Posted by  on  12/02  at  01:17 AM | #
I must say, I've heard some teens say they'd choose spanking over grounding anyday, perhaps because it's fast and over with. If I was her father and she asked to be spanked instead of grounded, I'd oblige. I'd use a paddle and give her the option of 30 licks over jeans, 20 on panties, or 10 on the bare butt. Any of those would teach a sufficent lesson and teen agers bottoms can probably withstand a lot of punishment.
Posted by Thomas  on  12/02  at  09:16 PM | #
Well, this was a very interesting video. My thoughts:

(1. Being a teenager means she could be 18 or 19. While I would not encourage spanking before that age, if my daughter wanted to continue to live in my house and act like a tart, she would be informed very sternly that she would receive regular over-the-knee, bare-bottom spankings, whether or not it could be proven she had done anything wrong. (Of course, her mother would already be accepting the same fate. Women can do anything they want in their lives, but they have to learn to submit to men sexually!!)

(2. While she enjoys talking about being spanked, it is not clear whether she is willing to "walk the walk". So, we can only hope that in an upcoming video, she will advertise her bare bottom, or better yet, have her boyfriend take her over his knee and pull her pants down (of course, YouTube likely won't show this video b/c of that!)

(3. The subjects discussed on the video open up several other interesting points of discussion, which, for the sake of brevity, I will not take up now. But, suffice it to say that there are a lot of naughty, confused young girls out there, who need a guiding hand to attend to their bare bottoms. If they're over the age of 18, we need to reach out to them!! I'm sure that Michael is doing his part, providing a very necessary public service!!
Posted by  on  12/06  at  12:03 PM | #
LOL! She has no clue. I put in some numbers into the calculator. To get ungrounded for three days means just two swats with a wooden paddle on the bare.

Maybe you should send her a link to your site. Come to think of it she probably knows where all of the spanking sites on the web are.
Posted by  on  12/22  at  05:50 AM | #

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