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Sorority Girls Paddling Frat Boys

spanking picture

I added a third gallery to the free sorority paddling pictures area.  This gallery is dedicated to the young ladies getting some payback and bending some frat boys over for a hard paddling.  These young ladies sure seem to enjoy it, the smiles on their faces tell it all.  You can view the new pictures in this gallery HERE.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 05/04 at 03:30 PM


Love these pics you find! I wish the girls did the paddling back in my college days!
Posted by Chadwick  on  05/05  at  10:36 PM | #
I love the galleries you find, But I noticed something, I might be wrong, but I do not think that there are any bare female butts in the Sorority shots, Not that I am complaining, but I jus thought it was interesting. I really like the shots of woman in tight jeans, especially waiting for the paddle to come down.
Posted by  on  05/09  at  01:30 AM | #
There are plenty of pictures that simulate a sorority paddling in which butts are bared, but I try my best to only include pictures in which it seems that some aspect of the paddling is genuine.

Posted by Michael Masterson  on  05/11  at  05:30 PM | #

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