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School Paddling PPV

Today I released a PPV school paddling compilation video for download.  Here is the description:

Paddled at school is a unique video that features scenes that recreates school corporal punishment as it is administered in real life throughout the Southern United States.  The paddlings administered in this video are very realistic, with many leading to tears.  You will witness the real reactions as young ladies feel the sting of a large wooden school paddle applied full force to their young bottoms.  Highlights of this video include:
- 14 separate scenes, with as many as 1-4 girls being paddled at a time.
- 13 different young ladies are paddled, by 3 different male administrators.
- Traditional school positions are utilized including bent over a desk, grabbing ankles, hands on knees, and hands on the walls.
- Most punishments are administered over tight jeans, but we have also included a locker room paddling over gym clothes, and two punishments that are applied on their bare bottoms.
- As a bonus, some scenes show the after effects and the young ladies drop their pants and show their bruised and sore bottoms.
- All of the school paddlings show you the face view and the butt view of the paddling, so you are able to see each girl’s unique reaction to her punishment.
- This video is 1 hour and 40 minutes in length, with a total of 199 swats applied in a very severe manner.  These are not fun, or playful paddlings.  This is real corporal punishment, with very real school paddles, swung full force, leaving this young ladies with very sore and bruised bottoms for days.

Here is a preview:

You can download it at School Paddling Punishments- Spanking Library for $15.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/22 at 05:58 PM


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