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Polish 18th Birthday Celebration

****Update to this entry**** Sorry for the quick post yesterday, I was not able to get up all the details that I wanted, I only had time for the links.  It seems that the term is Pasowanie that led to these videos.  From what I can tell it has many different meanings and the origin is Polish.  When you use is as a search term on You Tube, you get a lot of good spanking videos, when you do it is a broader search on the internet you get anything from graduations ceremonies to the act of being “knighted”.  I think the best translation for us is a “rite of passage”.  It seems that it is a pretty standard tradition in Poland that on someone’s 18th birthday, that they go through this process.  It seems common enough that I have watched videos of this taking place in schools, at home, outdoors, and during the actual birthday party.  I love that they have taken our tradition one step further, and not only do they get their 18th birthday spanking, but everyone gets a turn, and belts seem to be the implement of choice.  It does seem to be common enough that I have watched videos in which a hard belt spanking is taking place with teachers or parents looking on and smiling.  I get the sense that everyone in Poland goes through this “rite of passage” on their 18th birthday.  My research is limited, so if I have my facts wrong, please post more information on this tradition in the comments.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/29 at 08:38 AM


Well, now we know where all the action is. Euro-cuties are living it up, apparently. And, talk about witnesses! Why don't they just bend over in the town square?
Posted by  on  04/29  at  09:29 AM | #
Thanks for the links, Mr. M. Here is a link to a sorority spanking vid, not sure if you've seen before. There are several of these from the same person.
Posted by  on  04/29  at  09:30 AM | #
These are great. Thank you very much. I would search this type of thing out myself if I had the time or know how. You are providing many with much. Thank you.
Ron P.
Posted by  on  04/29  at  11:22 PM | #
I found what was probably a great page on the subject of pasowanie in the Polish version of Wikipedia. Of course, I couldn't read a word of it. I did, however, pass by one site that translated the word as "fitting".
Posted by  on  04/30  at  08:41 AM | #
"Pasowanie" is a funny Polish term which means both "rite of passage" (you can get it to become a knight - then you're gently touched on your shoulders with a sword, or to become a student - then you're gently touched with on your shoulders with a huge pen) and belting ("pas" = "belt"). In this 2nd meaning, it is done during one's 18th birthday party but also during any other birthday if one's friends wants to have fun. I remember that in the last class of my high school every attractive girl was belted during her 19th birthday. And it happened in a school class. Girls were often complaining to teachers but they had nothing to say - tradition is tradition! :D
Posted by  on  05/15  at  01:32 PM | #

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