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New Private video

Last week we posted a new type of clip to in which I let our members take a peek at a private discipline session with myself and Monica.  For two years I have been providing real life discipline to Monica off camera, and a few weeks ago we decided to capture one of her real life sessions here at the studio.  It is probably the hardest on camera spanking I have ever administered, in which I use the belt, a large wooden hairbrush, and two large canes (which I broke both).  This clip is currently in the members area of and also available as a single clip download from the at Private discipline with Michael Masterson.  Here is a teaser from the video...enjoy!

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/01 at 09:35 AM


Dig the slow-mo and music, but personally, I'm not into the realm of very harsh discipline scenes. It does nothing for me whatsoever.

Just my 2-cents smile
Posted by Dave  on  04/06  at  06:17 PM | #
Great Video. We are not worthy.
Posted by Outlaw  on  04/06  at  10:37 PM | #
Too harsh a comment for you was it? Not someone who likes to hear the opposing view? That is weakness MM...not strength.
Posted by  on  04/08  at  02:03 PM | #
I really loved this video, all I could think while watching it was how much I wanted to be in Monica's place... how happy she must be to receive such intensive discipline... one of the best cp vids ever!
Posted by Tom  on  04/09  at  05:42 AM | #

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