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Internet Explorer and this blog

When I bought my most recent computer, when trying to access the galleries in my blog with Internet Explorer, it seemed to have problems and often would not let me return back to the gallery main menus without exiting and coming back to the spanking blog.  If you are having issues (which do not seem to be a problem with Firefox), I would suggest this as a fix:

To fix in Internet Explorer go to:

Tools > Internet Options > click the security tab >select the “trusted sites” option > then click “sites” > then add and that should solve the problem.

Please report any problems you are having with accessing my blog as a comment to this post, so I can diagnose any other problems you might be having.  Please include what browser you use, security software, and details of the problem.

Michael Masterson

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/28 at 06:30 PM


Hey Mr. M

I did the fix as you described above, but it did not fix the problem. Everything is fine as long as I stay on the main page, but once I go the other galleries it won't let me back to the main page. And once I enlarge one of the gallery image, it won't return to the gallery page or let me open any other images. I'm confused since it doesn't happen on any of your other sites, except fetishtube, where the same exact problems happen. Any other recommendations?
Posted by  on  05/04  at  11:17 PM | #

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