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Go to your room and prepare for your spanking.

So the girls were acting up and I finally had enough.  I told them this was the last straw and that they needed to get their butts to their room, get their clothes off, and wait for me to come in with the belt.  Don’t call, I will be busy for quite some time.

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 11/10 at 10:26 PM


Ha, ha, very funny, but what is actually going on here? Do you know, or did you simply find the photo and have no more idea of the situation than we do? Because I'm really intrigued. Usually women charge good money to take their clothes off, with the result that a mass nude scene such as this is rare. (When I saw the harem scene in the movie Don Juan De Marco, I remember wondering "How did they find that many extras to take their clothes off?" With a Hollywood budget, I was not too astonished, but I still wondered about the casting process. Did they hire every naked dancer in every strip club in LA, en masse?) So, if this is from an erotic movie, it must be a remarkable one. If it's from some real life situation (a school physical???), then whoever took the photo and made it public should probably be spanked.
Posted by  on  11/11  at  07:00 AM | #
Japan, breaking a world record for most people having sex in the same room at the same time, or something along those lines.
Posted by Mike (still not Michael Masterson)  on  11/13  at  09:55 AM | #
This is from "500 Person Sex", see:
Posted by W  on  11/15  at  10:11 AM | #
Thanks, W. That is ... totally amazing. I wonder how on earth the producers ever managed to bring that off. It almost has to have been volunteers, or perhaps couples paid a nominal fee. So that photo has 250 naked women in it (or at least there were that many on set). And the sex was synchronized -- given the variability in human sexual response, that's pretty amazing too. (Specifically, the guys all managing to be hard when called for and for as long as needed.) Wow.
Posted by  on  11/16  at  06:44 AM | #
Gotta love those Japanese! Horniest closeted horn dogs on the planet!!!!
Posted by  on  11/18  at  11:45 PM | #

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