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Well it seems that my Free Spanking Picture Galleries are a success.  Obviously as a producer, I have better access to content than most spanking blogs, but I have been amazed at the success of the free spanking pictures.  As of today, the pictures have been viewed close to 7 million times.  The most viewed gallery is Naked Punishments with pictures views getting close to breaking the 1 million mark.  The next most popular are Exposed Spankings and Witnessed Spankings.  Knowing what people view on the blog always helps me in deciding what type of content to shoot in the studio.  Based on your top three galleries, one can only assume that most of you really want an element of exposure and embarrassment incorporated into a spanking scene. 

Question.  Is the popularity of the naked spankings pictures due to the added element of embarrassment during the punishment, or is it more a matter of just liking to see young naked bodies?  How important is the embarrassment aspect of a spanking to you?  I have always tried to draw a very clear line when it comes to embarrassment vs. humiliation, and try to never administer a spanking that could be considered humiliating.  I feel it is not that hard to add embarrassing elements, why still maintaining respect for the person being spanked.  The more input the better as I script scenes for upcoming shoots, thanks.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 05/31 at 12:41 PM


Naked spankings pictures are popular with me because I like the look of the bare female bottom and I especially like the look of the effect the spanking is having on that bottom. Redness, marking, bruises, anything showing that the spanking is making an impression on the recipient's bottom is what gets my attention. For me personally embarassment is part of any spanking where your bottom is presented for what should be a very uncomfortable experience, but I am not a fan of humiliation at all. Thanks for all you do.
Posted by  on  05/31  at  04:05 PM | #
Yes and yes. It is always a pleasure to see the young ladies naked, of course, but the embarrassment factor is the most important one, I think. In fact, I think that the literal pain takes a back seat to the emotional aspect of being spanked, such that a private spanking is offset by at least 60% embarrassment to 40% pain. This ratio gets even more out of balance if anyone at all is watching. Naturally, the nudity ramps it up yet again, since it would put one on the spot to be the only naked person in a room of people, and this would be ramped up even more if the girl was made to strip only after entering the room and seeing all of the witnesses. If I were in that position, I think that would be the most intense part of the whole thing. The actual spanking would be somewhat of a relief, emotionally speaking.
Posted by  on  05/31  at  07:18 PM | #
I don't think it's so much the embarassment for me, as well as the vulnerability, the helplessness, that it makes it clear that they don't have any control.
Posted by  on  06/01  at  01:02 AM | #
Just the enjoyability of the naked female form as far as Im concerned.
Posted by Dan  on  06/01  at  04:22 PM | #
The embarrassment factor is one of the most important elements of the spanking. That is why hallway spankings in school are such a turn-on. Letting not only the girl's class hear the spanking but many classes up and down the hall was a deterrent for all the students. A girl having to stick her naked bottom out means that the last bit of modesty has been removed and she must submit to being punished.

On another topic, and I realize as a former producer this is difficult, but it would be great to see the results days later. What does her bottom look like the next day and so on.

It would also be nice to see a girl paddled at school and then getting the belt at home.
Posted by  on  06/02  at  07:27 AM | #
The added embarrassment of seeing a girl be stripped completely naked is one of the enjoyable parts of watching a spanking. I always like seeing someone in a formal setting being ordered to take off all their clothes before being punished, or even informally---perhaps starting out being spanked OTK clothed, then when it is not sufficient punishment, being ordered to strip for stronger and more effective punishment.
Posted by  on  06/25  at  07:32 PM | #

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