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Favorite Free Spanking Picture Galleries?

I have a question for all of you.  In my free spanking picture galleries here at the blog, there are several galleries to choose from.  All of them show real time stats, as to how many times the pictures have been viewed.  But some of the stats are skewed a bit, due to the fact that the galleries have been posted at different dates and contain a different number of images.  Right now “naked punishments” is the most viewed gallery, approaching 1 million views, but it is one of the oldest galleries and contains more pictures than most, which could explain for all of the views these pictures have had.  “Witnessed spankings” and “Exposed” are the next most popular spankings.  My question is, out of all of the free galleries, what is your current favorite? Are these stats accurate in the fact that all of you really like the fully nude spanking scenes?  Does the added element of a model being spanked in a very exposed or public way have a broad appeal to all of you?  Once again, I am trying to reconnect with my audience as we prepare for the new studio opening and I am trying to get a real feel for where to focus my efforts.  So, let me know your current favorite gallery offered here.  Thanks.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 04/28 at 08:33 AM


Hard to pick just one. I guess I'll have to go with the witnessed pics at the moment.
Posted by  on  04/28  at  08:58 AM | #
Thanks for asking this question.

I don't enjoy the fully nude photos.

My favorites? School paddling, spanking/paddling pixs with the girl wearing jeans, and facial expressions.

I also liked seeing Monica getting spanked wearing a bikini.
Posted by  on  04/28  at  05:19 PM | #
I just went through the free galleries again, and found one shot of a girl being spanked in yellow pj's.

I'd love to see more photos of girls in pj's and bikinis.
Posted by  on  04/28  at  05:39 PM | #
I'd pick the School Corporal Punishment Paddling pics. Bent over School paddling is always a favorite!!
Posted by CJ  on  04/28  at  05:41 PM | #
My favorites are: wooden paddle punishments, and shool swats. Really looking forward to you putting out the school swats DVD. i have seen them all but enjoy being able to sit basck in front of the big screen and enjoying without the bother of using the computer. I think so many people look at naked and exposed punishments becouse you don't find that content on many other sites. For exanple Firm Hand avoids any genital nudity. I have always appreciated the fact that your site does not shy away from total and frontal nudity. It is nice but I still enjoy a good paddling on jeans.
Posted by  on  04/28  at  06:05 PM | #
I'd have to say my favorites are School Paddling, spanked over jeans, and bent over. Honestly, any of the photos where the girls are wearing jeans are my favorites. I wish all the girls wore jeans for their punishments all the time.
Posted by  on  04/28  at  08:17 PM | #
I don't really have an answer for the question -- I usually don't look at a gallery unless you mention it in a post and I want to see which pictures you selected.

But I'm intrigued by the disparity between what this (admittedly small) sample says we want, versus what your numbers say we actually look at. It could be that we look at the naked punishment gallery because, hey, naked women -- but we don't want to SAY that because this blog is supposed to be about spanking, not naked women. OR, it could be that lurkers, who would never bother to post and maybe aren't all that INTERESTED in spanking, have discovered your blog in great numbers and look at the galleries not for the spankings but because, hey, naked women.
Posted by  on  04/28  at  08:58 PM | #
My favorites are Sorority Paddling, facial expressions, waiting to be punished, and witnessed punishments.
Posted by  on  04/28  at  11:29 PM | #
No brainer here Mr. M. If you were looking at spanking scenes, the numbers would be much different. But just looking at individual pics, naked girls is one of the spots most people would stop, in addition to their personal favorite. With sooo many really cute girls, how could it be any other way.
Posted by  on  04/28  at  11:34 PM | #
Maybe Belt Spanking, or Bend Over, is my favorite. I actually prefer non-nude pictures. Expressions is another good one.
Posted by euler  on  04/29  at  03:31 PM | #
Hello Mr. M,

I prefer traditional CP type punishments. OTK spankings with hand, ping pong style paddle, or hairbrush. Punishments administered over the panties and the bare bottom are an equal mix. I favor full back panties as opposed to a g-string or thong.

I love school paddling scenes! This would be one of the only instances where I like a punishment over tight jeans. I love the realism of a CP scene like that.

I love girl, office worker, maid, cheerleader, nurse....the sexier, the better.

I like the Sarah type school girl outfit. The short little skirt works better for me that a very long, completely covered up outfit. It's easy to flip up a little skirt to get to the business at hand. A shoe with a heel is a nice touch too. A young lady bending over and touching toes/grabbing ankles while wearing a shoe with a heel lifts up and presents the bottom nicely...I think.

hope this helps,

Posted by  on  04/29  at  05:09 PM | #
School paddling, bare bottom, hallway, exposed genitals, witnessed. Home in front of family members.. bare, exposed. Public restroom, other women walking in and out. For all those that think girls NEVER got spanked bare at school...showers were mandatory in Texas girls gym classes in the 50's and 60's...if you acted up they didn't let you go get dressed first!!
Posted by  on  04/29  at  05:23 PM | #
I like the cornertime gallery and I like the fact that there is lots of cornertime on here but I have to admit, I prefer the cornertime where the person is not showing their butt. That type of thing is ok, but the reality of it all is is that no real teacher, or parent, or person giving out punishment would ever truly make someone stand in the corner with their butt on display and I think that that takes away from some of the realism that RSI is known for. There's something intriguing about a naughty girl with her nose in the corner and her hands behind her back.
Posted by Neener  on  04/29  at  08:19 PM | #
Marked Bottoms & Exposed would be my favs but I do love them all.
Posted by GWARslave  on  04/30  at  02:51 AM | #
I do like the naked punishments galleries. But it's not primarily because they're naked--although that's great--it's because that's where most of the OTK spankings are.
Posted by  on  05/01  at  08:59 AM | #
Nude is definitely best. Yes, the girls should start wearing a cute skirt/uniform (never jeans - ugh!), but they must end up completely nude with everything on display.

Witnessed punishments are the most fun, especially where the witnesses are obviously amused and enjoying the punished girl's humiliation.

Humiliation is the key. Hence corner time is great too, with the girl having to stand meekly showing her punished bum for all to enjoy - and give a passing slap!

And finally, obviously, group punishments. The more the merrier!
Posted by james  on  05/03  at  09:23 PM | #
I like the Naked series, especially with more than one girl.

If you are after new ideas, then how about an 'Under Escort'? This would feature girls - clothed, half dressed or naked - being escorted from one room or place to another in order to complete their punishment.
Posted by Allegro  on  05/06  at  01:46 AM | #

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