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caned legs again

Here is another good Asian spanking video that features a switch being used on the back of this poor young ladies legs.  This is a long video, streaming from a slow site, so I you will need to click the “MORE” link below to view it.  It adds too much to the load time of the main page to have it here.  Sometimes it is hit or miss with the server this streams from, so I recommend playing the video, then hitting pause, and coming back to it a few minutes later.  With the latest version of Realplayer, you can now save these flash files to your hard drive.  This also works on YouTube for those of you who were not aware.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/13 at 11:33 AM


There really should be a site dedicated to this. I really love how formal they are about it all. In every one of these, the girl is calmly told what she has done and what she will get for it, and then she resolutely participates in her own discipline, like it's just a matter of business. In return, the punishers are always generous enough to stop and let them rub occasionally. It all seems so...civilized.
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