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A punishment spanking on her already bruised bottom

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A perfect example of recent spanking on an already bruised and sore bottom.

I received an email from a couple who live together and have recently established a “domestic discipline agreement” in which they have rules in place that allow for her to be punished should an infraction occur.  I do like to see the establishment of a discipline contract, especially in a new relationship with disciplinary aspects to it.  This allows for there to be no confusion as to when and how a punishment will be administered.  This particular email was addressing the fact that this young lady seems to be finding herself in a considerable amount of trouble, requiring multiple spankings on any given day.  He seemed to feel that, as someone who had never really had the amount of spanking in her life that she wanted, that she was trying to make up for lost ground and was intentionally getting in trouble in order to be spanked.  This brings up a couple of issues, but his main concern was that of spanking her on an already sore bottom.

Someone trying to get in trouble on purpose could take up an entire post in itself, so I will just address the issue of spanking an already sore bottom.  Clearly the situation is far different for a couple who practices domestic discipline, as opposed to someone who visits a disciplinarian on occasion.  In a domestic discipline household, the potential for a punishment can present itself at any given time.  The question posed in the email to me was, how long should he wait in between spankings if she requires more than one in a day?  Now, assuming that all spankings are being administered in a safe and sane manner, the answer is there should be no delay.  A spanking is most effective when administered at the very moment (if practical) that the offense occurs. 

Our role as disciplinarians is to make sure that each and every punishment administered is effective and is suitable for the offense.  I have made it very clear that I feel that if someone’s behavior does indeed warrant a spanking, then I am going to make that spanking an effective one.  I see no situation in which a gentle spanking is required.  Either the offense warrants a punishment or it does not, but if it does, that punishment needs to serve as a deterrent.  Without tears and a sore bottom, especially when spanking someone with a spanking fetish, all that we are doing is encouraging further bad behavior.  I have a feeling the young lady from the email is getting in trouble on purpose because she loves the warm glow from a mild to moderate spanking.  As soon as the glow has faded she is ready for her next spanking as she wants to keep that feeling going.

If she is engaging in a behavior that they have actually put to paper as a problem area, then the results need to be a spanking that she will remember, not a spanking that encourages her to act up just a couple of hours later.  Now assuming that she got in trouble, and was properly punished leaving her with a very sore and bruised bottom, and then actually got in trouble again a few hours later, he should not deter at all from what they have specified in their discipline contract.  Regardless of how bruised and sore her bottom is, if she requires another spanking, then she needs to receive it. That spanking should be treated just as if she had not been spanked in weeks.  The only thing that should define the severity or frequency of her spanking is her behavior. 

Yes, her bottom may be very sore from the previous punishment, especially the day after.  A couple hours after a spanking a bottom tends to be a little sore, but if it was a hard spanking, it will be even sorer the next day.  So let’s consider the naughty wife or girlfriend who came home the previous night, clearly having had a drink or two more than she should have and then driven herself home.  Clearly this is a pretty bad infraction and one that needs to be addressed in a very serious manner.  In my house, there is no doubt that a heavy wooden hairbrush would be coming into play.  This is the type of punishment in which a very real impression needs to be made with the goal of extinguishing this behavior forever.  The goal of this punishment would be a few days in which she would literally have no desire to sit down.  So, the punishment is administered, a bottom is properly bruised for the offense, and all is forgiven. 

Now, fast forward to the next morning, and as much as you would hope this young lady would be on her very best behavior, she finds herself committing an infraction that is clearly specified in the discipline contract.  Once again, as I said before, discipline needs to be administered on the spot.  The condition of her bottom is not my concern, a priority, or even a factor in the equation.  My job, one that we agreed upon as a couple entering into a discipline contract or agreement, is that I would do my best to provide her with correction, in the areas of her life that she felt needed the most attention.  As a couple we decided that the primary form of correction would be corporal punishment.  The goal of corporal punishment is to provide her with the proper amount of pain required to help her make changes in her behavior and anything less would be unfair to her and the process.

I fully understand that her bottom is very bruised from the night before and that she is barely able to sit down.  I also fully understand that she is a grown women and that she is responsible for the decisions that she makes at any given moment.  If she chose to commit an infraction, with her bottom in the state that it is in, that is beyond my control.  All I can do in this situation is give her the punishment that her behavior requires.  It is going to hurt her considerably more than it would have without her bottom already being sore, which I see as a good thing.  If she is not on her best behavior after getting punished for buzzed driving, then maybe she deserves to feel more pain.  The important thing is that I am going to make absolutely no adjustments to the spanking she is to receive.  She needs to know that each and every time she misbehaves that she will be spanked, no matter what, in the exact manner that her behavior warrants.  Only through consistency of my actions, as a direct result of her actions, will the overall changes in her behavior (which she wants) ever take place.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/29 at 11:55 PM


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