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[ Monday, March 28, 2005 ]

Lovely Michelle


This year has certainly been going our way with the return of some of our favorite models.  As I discussed before, beautiful Sarah has returned and is currently doing a shoot a week with us.  We were also pleasently suprised when one of our all time favorite models, Michelle, moved back and jumped right back into a regular shooting schedule with us.


Michelle is truly gorgeous and one of our favorite models to work with.  Her body is the type that fuels most men’s fantasies.  Everyone in the studio is in agreement that she has the most wonderful breasts that we have ever seen.  For someone who gains no enjoyment from being spanked, she sure can take a hard one.  She is one of the first models ever to constantly request that her spankings be administered harder.  It is always nice when such a young and hot model leaves the studio with a bruised bottom and a smile on her face.

We have filmed 6 new scenes with Michelle for both and the RS Institute.  She will be in the studio again today to shoot another 3 scenes.  You will begin to see her on a regular basis in a few weeks, as her new scenes begin to get into the update schedule.


If you are a big fan of Michelle or Sarah, be sure to consider the Realspankings Pass which gives you access to all of our spanking sites.

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[ Tuesday, March 15, 2005 ]

Sarah is getting kinky

Last week I posted to let you know that our wonderful model Sarah is back.  I thought I would share some additional fun information.  As I stated before, Sarah returned after a long time away.  We were suprised to see her back because we knew that she is enjoying great success with her own business and the money has become very good for her.  As someone who had previously been somewhat of a reluctant model, we have been blown away by her new enthusiasm.  You must understand that Sarah is a model who does not enjoy being spanked.  In addition, she has a fairly low pain tolerance so even our lighter scenes really have an effect on her.  As I stated in my last post, with her return she mentioned that she would really like to do some girl/girl sex scenes.  Last week when she came in for her shoot she asked if we could do a scene that kind of plays on the “rape fantasies” that she has. 


She told us specifically that she wanted to do a scene in which she was over powered by two women and stripped of all her clothes.  There was some additional stuff that she wanted done to her, but that did not really fall within the theme of spanking, so we were not able to accomodate that request.  We did however script a scene in which she could be overpowered and stripped by two women.  The scene was shot for the RS Institute and she was overpowered by Betty and Kailee when she refused to undress for her spanking.



We are not sure what has gotten into Sarah, but we are very happy with the transformation.  When she was just doing this for the money, she never seemed all that thrilled to be here.  Now that she does not need the money, she seems to be using our shoots as a venue to explore her sexual fantasies.  For whatever reason she seems as into this as one can get.  When she returned for a shoot after being away, we filmed a scene in which we had a new male member of our production staff behind the camera.  On the next shoot she asked if we would use him behind the camera again because “I like getting naked with strangers in the room”.  At the end of the day she told me that she has no problem with having multiple people in the room for her shoots and that she would be willing to do a scene in front of an audience because “being forced to strip in front of a bunch of people really gets me hot”.  Wow!  Where were girls like this when I was 18?  You should all look forward to her future updates on and RS Institute, she has brought a new level of enthusiasm with her and it shows in the videos.  It is also wonderful to watch a scene in which you know the model is getting all hot and bothered throughout the process. 

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[ Monday, March 14, 2005 ]

Cute new model


We recently shot a new model for, which is nothing new for us, but due to the way she was hired, I thought I would share it with you.  We held our company Christmas party at my house this year, and had a very full house with more than a dozen employees and their significant others.  A new employee of ours who runs our shipping department, brought a girl with him to the party.  The funny thing is that this was a first date and they had met at an online personals site.  Being that this was not an ordinary company Christmas party, on the drive up to the mountains, he explained to her what it was that we did.  Surprisingly, she thought that it sounded like fun and was excited to be at the party.

While the pictures that I will post with this do not do her justice, all of the guys (and a few of the girls) were completely blown away by this girl.  Having just turned 18, she obviously had a young look about her.  What I think really did it for all of us was the way that she carried herself.  You could tell that this was a very fun, dynamic, and sexually confident girl.  I am someone that sees naked, gorgeous, 18 year old girls every day at work and even I could not help checking her out every chance I got.

I did my best to contain myself and made a point of not trying to hire her.  I did not want someone feeling pressured at my party, in my house, so as much as I wanted to pitch a job to her, I did not.  Later in the evening we did one of those crazy gift exchanges in which people can steal other’s gifts.  Being that she is not an employee, she did not bring a gift, nor did she receive one.  The gift that I provided for the party was the “rub my duckie” vibrator.  It is basically a rubber duck for the bath, but when you squeeze him just right, it turns on and becomes a waterproof vibrator.  When Dee ended up with this gift, the girl began to complain in a playful way.  She told us “Damn, I wish I would have been part of all of this, I just broke my vibrator and I desperately need a new one”.  You must understand that this is a girl that turned 18 a few months before, in a room full of people that for the most part have at least 10 years on her.  She had known all but one of us for less than 2 hours and here she was discussing her masturbation habits.  I do not know about you, but when I was 18 I did not discuss my masturbation habits with my friends or girlfriends, much less a room full of strangers.  It was very clear that she was a sexually open girl and probably a whole lot of fun.

The night progressed and as I was making the rounds visiting all of the groups, as a good host should, and I saw that her and Dee were having a conversation.  I sat down and realized that this girl was asking Dee about becoming a model for us.  Since the girl had broke the ice, I got involved and answered all of her questions.  I made it clear to her that we gave real spankings in our studio and that this was not acting.  She was very excited to give it a try, but I felt she needed to make more of an informed decision.  When she left that night I sent her away with a list of our websites and passwords to access them.  I told to her to look long and hard at the videos before she decided to come in and give it a try.  She e-mailed me a few days later and told me that she was still interested, but that she was now a little nervous having seen our content.  I wrote her a long e-mail and helped her to fully understand the process.  After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, she wrote me back and stated that she was ready to be spanked.  She stated that while very nervous about the pain involved, the thought of the whole shoot had begun to turn her on.  It was not so much the spanking that was getting her excited, it was the thought of being naked in front of the cameras and the people involved in the shoot.  Into spanking or not, it was clear that she was our kind of girl.


She has now finished her first shoot and it went very well.  She surprised us and herself, by being able to take much harder spankings than our typical model can on her first day.  She took three very hard spankings that left her wonderful bottom black and blue.  She did so well that I even sent her home with a brand new vibrator to help her release the sexual energy that she had clearly built up over the course of the shoot.  When I handed it to her, her eyes lit up and she told me that she would put it right to the test the second she walked in the door of her house (in the privacy of her room of course, she still lives with her parents).  She is scheduled for her second shoot next week and I am confident that you will be seeing a lot of her.  Now if we can just get her to go back to the hair color she had when she came to the party, it suited her much better.  I do not feel the pictures from her first shoot do her justice, but we will make an effort during her next shoot to capture the innocent beauty she displayed at the party.


Her first few scenes will be featured at in the weeks to come and you can hear her tell her version of being at our party during her interview for her “Punishment Profile”.  We are glad to have Tanya as a new addition to our shoots.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/14 at 02:07 PM in Site Related Spanking discussions related to online spanking sites

Realspankings Pass

I noticed that I have not made any mention of our new site Realspankings Pass.  I thought I would let those of you that are not aware that it does exist and provides you with a large discount to many of our sites.  With the pass, you have full access to,,,, and  All of these sites are produced by me and feature exclusive content that does not exist anywhere else on the web.  All of the sites combined have more than 20 GB of content and more than 100 hours of hard punishment video.  If you belong to two or more of my sites, you will find the Realspankings Pass to be a very good discount.

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[ Friday, March 11, 2005 ]

Lovely Sarah is back


Many months ago we were quite dissapointed to learn that one of our most popular models, Sarah, would no longer be doing shoots for us.  But now it seems that she is back.  She returned to us a few weeks ago and is enthusiastic as ever.  She surpirsed us all by bringing some extra excitement with her.  First, she brought a good friend of hers that wants to give mdeling for us a shot.  After doing her friend’s new model orientation, we discovered that her friend has fantasized her whole life about being spanked hard, but is still a spanking virgin.  She had great trouble concealing her excitement as I explained to her the various scenes we do.  She is gorgeous and I am sure that our members are going to be quite impressed.


Sarah also revealed some new information to us that we were completely unaware of.  She asked if it would be possible to do some scenes with other models in which their was sexual contact.  It appears as though Sarah is very bisexual and never hesitates to engage in some hot girl/girl action.  She has been looking over our model list and asking about certain girls that she wants to have an encounter with.  Looks like Sarah might have to make a couple of guest appearances at so she can satisfy her cravings. 


We are very excited to have Sarah back and look forward to the addition of her hippie/model friend.  Look for them both this summer, I am confident that we will be seeing a lot of both of them.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/11 at 12:08 PM in Site Related Spanking discussions related to online spanking sites

[ Tuesday, March 08, 2005 ]

Spanking from Japan


I will have to admit that I missed the boat on  I have been aware of the site, but never really took the time to check it out in detail.  My first impression was that it was a site that dealt with posed girls and soft spankings.  I think part of it came from the fact that I did not see many red butts in their photos.  Having now watched all of their videos, I have changed my mind on my opinion of this site.  I think that they may just do their photo shoots before the videos, as a result, the butts are not very red. 

Having now looked at all of their content, I am very impressed.  First, the models are all gorgeous.  They now have five different models and I would be lucky to have any of them working for me.  Something else that I was not aware of, is that this seems to actually be a site based in Japan.  All of the shoot locations are clearly in Japan and Japanese is spoken throughout.  There are subtitles that allow you to follow the plot.  Most of the scenes have a domestic feel and there is plenty of content for those that like to watch mother/daughter spankings.  They use more costumes than most sites and the scenes have a very real feel to them.  They explore many themes including teacher/student, mother/daughter, employee/boss, doctor/patient, maid/employer, and so on. 


The spankings themselves are quite good.  I was surprised to see that many of the spankings are quite hard.  They use many implements in their scenes, with most of them including a handspanking and the hard application of an implement of some sort.  The cane is featured often as well as the hard use of the hairbrush, wooden paddles, rulers, and other implements.  From their free samples I expected light use of these implements, but their videos quickly proved me wrong.  While I would not classify much of their content as very severe, as someone who likes to see very hard spankings, I was not dissapointed.


I can now honestly give my approval and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for unique content, with good production value, hard spanking, and fantastic models.  You can visit their site at or view more free picture samples by clicking the “more” link below.


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[ Thursday, February 17, 2005 ]

Touching the toes at Spanking Online



While bent over and grabbing the ankles is my favorite position to see someone spanked in, touching their toes finishes a close second.  I especially like to see young ladies touching their toes when they are wearing traditional schoolgirl clothing.  There is something very appealing about seeing a young lady with her skirt lifted, panties lowered, touching her toes, in traditional knee high socks.  Spanking Online is the leader in the online spanking world when it comes to presenting visual imagery of this nature.  Just about all of their wide variety of models are forced to assume this position at some point in their spanking career.  As an English based company, using English models, the whole concept of touching the toes for a hard caning is not foreign to any of these young ladies.  In some of their behind the scenes interviews, you get to hear first hand about these young ladies experiences being punished with the cane while growing up in the UK.  My first choice will always be with a young lady grabbing her ankles for many swats with a paddle, but you will never have to twist my arm to get me to watch someone touch their toes for six of the best with a cane.


Click the more link for additional photos.  Visit their website Spanking Online for additional free pictures and videos.


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[ Monday, February 07, 2005 ]

Experiencing spanking for the first time through the eyes of new models.

There is a fun aspect to my job that I have not really shared before.  It is based on working with new models that have desires to be spanked.  For the most part, our models are young and do not have much in the way of real life spanking experiences.  Most of them report that they have had boyfriends that have smacked their asses a few times, but nothing that resembles a disciplinary spanking.  Like most with spanking fantasies, they have desires to feel like they are in trouble and are actually being punished for something.  Luckily, we are easily able to accommodate these desires.

The most interesting aspect of this is the fact that, like most of us, they have gone their whole life hiding the fact that they are into spanking.  There are rarely situations as young women where they can discuss their interests in spanking with anyone.  Then they walk through our doors and while somewhat intimidating, it can certainly be liberating.  They find themselves in an environment in which spanking desires are discussed freely.  For the first time in their lives, they are not alone, nor do they feel like perverts, with their spanking desires.  They are surrounded by people that either spank or get spanked on a regular basis and have no problem talking about it.  They see situations in which several people gather around a model after a shoot to look at the marks on her butt.  They hear comments like “wow”, “cool”, and “look at that one”"as we all critique the marks left from the cane on someone’s bottom.  They discover a completely free environment in which no one is judged for things that are often viewed as “kinky"or “perverted”. 

Nothing is more fun than presenting someone into spanking, 100 different implements to choose from for their scene.  They are like a kid in a candy store as they touch items that they previously have only fantasized about.  They often make a pile of things that they “just have to try”.  They love that they can ask questions about how each and every one will feel on their bottom.  They love that they can bend over and take sample swats with any implement of their choosing.  On many occasions, after completing three scenes with us, they find themselves back upstairs asking to be spanked off camera and without any additional pay, just because they are curious about how something will feel.  You should see the look in their eyes as I describe a scene I have scripted that has them playing the role of a naughty school girl in serious trouble.  It is often easy to tell when we have hit the nail on the head in regards to their ultimate spanking fantasy.  In many cases we are providing them with a spanking that pays very well, but that in reality, they probably would have paid money to experience.  I like to open people’s eyes and there is nothing greater than helping someone feel a sense of sexual liberation.  I am glad that we have created an environment, which for some, is something that they have searched for their entire lives.  I love it when someone realizes for the first time that there is nothing wrong with their desires.  I love it when we do a very strict scene that leaves the girl in tears, and when I ask her afterwards how it was she replies, “amazing”.  I love when I have pushed a girl to her limits and beyond and when it is all over she asks if we can do it on the bare next time.

It makes the whole process personally easier for me when someone is just really into it.  We recently hired a new model that was clearly here to explore her unrealized spanking fantasies.  After her first shoot, I asked her how she would feel about doing scenes in which she is spanked in front of a group of people, spanked with other girls, or forced to do naked corner time with others present.  Her response was “oh my God, could we really do that”?  I was just trying to test the waters, but she made it clear that I was pressing all the right buttons.  There are aspects of my job that are difficult at best, but it all seems worth it when I am able to help someone with the exploration of their fantasies.  It is more than worth it when they fully realize that if it is fun, consensual, and between adults, then there is nothing wrong with it.  I think we help to create an environment that allows many women to explore their deepest and darkest fantasies without the guilt that is so often imposed by society.  I am convinced that they will have a healthier and stronger sense of their own sexuality as a result. 

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[ Thursday, January 06, 2005 ]

“School Swats”, severe paddling videos

A detailed look into the “School Swats” series from

Many people that are into spanking like to see videos that feature fairly severe spankings that lead to a bruised bottom, for others, extremely marked bottoms are a little over the top for them.  At we try to provide a broad range of content, but for those interested in the harder stuff, “School Swatsâ€? is one of the series that we film that results in very marked bottoms.

The results of severe corporal punishment from a school paddleThe results of severe corporal punishment from a school paddle

We began this series to explore the effectiveness of school corporal punishment.  This is a “realityâ€? based series in which there is no acting and there is no storyline.  We begin each episode by sitting the model down in front of the camera and interviewing her about her real life spanking experiences, both at home and school.  While the majority of the models were never spanked in a school environment, we do have several who where and they are able to give us an idea of how it really took place.  Any model that was spanked growing up in any environment goes into great deal about the punishments they received.

Most of us at Realspankings grew up in Texas and have first hand experience with being paddled at school.  This allows us to realistically recreate the process on video for our members.  In the “School Swatsâ€? series we try to keep it as realistic as possible.  The process is close to the same for each of these scenes.  After the interview the model is asked to show us her bare bottom so we can see what it looked like before the paddling.  Each model is generally paddled over her pants and a standard pair of panties.  Most school paddlings involve 3-5 swats, but since the models we are paddling are a little older than school aged girls, we adjust the swats to 10, to account for their age, and what is generally a higher pain tolerance than they had growing up.  They are then asked to assume a one of the fairly standard positions utilized in schools across the US.  We use what we feel is a pretty typical sized school paddle.  Before the paddling starts, we ask the girls to consider during the paddling if they feel that this punishment would have been effective in preventing them from bad behavior at school.

The results of severe corporal punishment from a school paddleThe results of severe corporal punishment from a school paddle

All of the participants in the “School Swatsâ€? series are paddled in a similar manner.  I generally apply the swats, and in most cases, these swats are applied as hard as I can swing.  As a safety precaution, I apply all of the swats on the lowest part of their bottom, being very careful to stay far from their tailbone.  Taking all ten swats on the same spot on their bottom is a bit rough for them, but it allows the paddle to be applied severely without concern of injury.  The paddle is swung with enough force that, more times than not, I end up breaking the wooden paddle on their bottom.  I always have a few backup paddles, in the event one breaks, I can finish applying the full punishment without having to use a broken paddle.  After the full ten swats, the model is asked to sit back down and discuss the effectiveness of her paddling.  In addition, she then lowers her pants and panties to show us the results of such a forceful paddling.  The final step is for them to sign the school paddle, which was the standard at my school.

In the days when I went to school, I know from personal experience, that many paddlings were applied full force.  We have done our best to apply the paddlings in a realistic manner, so I doubt the results that the models show us, are much different from the results from a paddling that occurred in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.  With the current state of lawsuits, I doubt that many school paddlings are applied as hard as we apply them.  But from the many true accounts that we hear, it is clear that many young ladies have experienced paddlings that have led to marks similar to those displayed by our models.  The marks that the girls show are often quite shocking.  A wooden paddle applied full force to the bottom leaves very distinct and consistent marks.  Most models end up with “bull’s-eyeâ€? marks on the bottom of the cheeks.  The way in which the skin is compressed under a wooden paddle stroke generally leaves this mark.  Besides the obvious bruising, there are often a couple of other characteristics that we see from hard paddle strokes.  It is common to see the seams from the girl’s back pockets imprinted on her bottom.  This usually shows as a line across the bruises that are not quite as purple.  We also see what is referred to as a “racing stripeâ€?.  These are parallel lines that extend below the area of impact.  It is not uncommon for a racing stripe to appear in an area that has not even felt a swat.  Most commonly, this stripe runs a little way down the thigh.  Because the paddle is applied across both cheeks, and not cheek to cheek, the right cheek tends to always be in the worst shape.  Even if you try to adjust to apply the paddle equally to both cheeks, the right cheek will always get more.  It is just a matter of physics and the end of the paddle will always be traveling at a higher velocity than closer to the handle.  This is just a fact of life with paddling that the right cheek will end up a little more sore.

The results of severe corporal punishment from a school paddleThe results of severe corporal punishment from a school paddle

I have talked with most of our models, days after their paddling, to find out how their bottom felt days after the paddling.  For those that had never been paddled in school, they are generally quite surprised at the results.  Unlike a typical spanking with a lighter implement, they report that the pain of their paddling tends to last for many days.  Because all of the swats are applied low on their bottoms, they often have difficulty sitting down.  A few models have felt that the days following the paddling were harder to deal with than the paddling itself.  They describe a moderate discomfort that is difficult to find any relief from.  There have also been a couple that during their interview stated that the paddling probably would not have done much to modify their behavior, that have modified that statement after feeling the pain that lingered for days.  I have always found the wooden paddle to be one of the most effective implements, for punishments, for exactly this reason.  A hard paddling goes well beyond the application of the paddle itself, it leaves an impression that is felt for days and continues to serve as an effective punishment.  Models have reported the marks as lasting as few as 2 days and as many as 2 weeks.

This has become one of our most popular series for several reasons.  I think our members like a scene in which there is no script and they get to know the model a little better.  They also tend to like a scene that seems like a realistic portrayal of a way that corporal punishment is utilized in a school setting.  These scenes often lead to a girl in tears and this is certainly very popular with our members.  We do not do many scenes in which you get to hear the model discuss the whole experience, so this is a feature that everyone seems to like.  For anyone that is a fan of marked and bruised bottoms, there are not many scenes that we do that leave a bottom marked quite as severely.  With the popularity of the series, it is something that we continue to film scenes for on a regular basis.  Not all of our models are able to do a scene of this severity, but anytime we feel a model can handle it, we shoot another episode.  This as also led to a new variation, “Bare School Swatsâ€?.  We have only found a few girls to date who can take a paddling of this intensity on her bare bottom, but the scenes we have filmed for this new variation have been amazing.  There are currently 17 different “School Swatsâ€? scene in the member’s area and 2 “bare school swatsâ€?.  We have filmed several more for this series that will appear as updates in the weeks to come.

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[ Sunday, January 02, 2005 ]

Girl Next Door Spanking

Seeing the girl next door being spanked

There are many girls out there that bare there bottom and get spanked on camera for our enjoyment.  As with mainstream porn, I think many of us are attracted to the scenes that involve girls with a cute “girl next door” look.  There is something extra atractive about seeing girls who look like they have no business being involved in the adult entertainment industry.  A recent addition to that falls into this category is Rachel. 

Rachel from a real girl next door.

She has that look that defines the girl next door.  She does not llok like a super model, nor does she have that “titty dancer” look that you most often see of girls in the adult industry.  She simply has a sweet and innocent face and a beautiful body that leaves an impression on you that lasts.  She is so cute, it is hard not to feel sorry for her as she presents her bottom for punishment.  It took very little time for Rachel to be an instant success with our members and there is no doubt it is her girl next door look that is causing all of her attention.

Beautiful Rachel presents her bottom and waits for her first swat in the

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