1. I love Jessica

    Posted by  on  02/08  at  05:39 PM
  2. Let’s see if the smilong girl holding the spankee is so happy when its her turn & the situation is reversed or maybe its already occurred & its payback time

    Posted by  on  05/29  at  11:16 AM
  3. I love that pic. That girl is holding her from kickin her legs. Nothin can beat a good, old fashioned, honest, OTK spanking

    Posted by  on  07/18  at  10:13 AM
  4. Love the way Jessica is looking at the camera. Will she smile for the camers when its her turn to be otk. The only thing missing from that pic is we can’t see Brandi’s smiling face

    Posted by  on  07/22  at  06:33 AM
  5. Yes, this is truly one of the more adorable spanking pictures of RS smile

    Posted by  on  05/17  at  09:43 AM
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