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Dream Model
Modesty not a right at RSI, it is earned. Clearly she has not earned it yet
Dressed in her new uniform, the Dean checks to see if he achieved the proper results
Her naked ass begins to show the marks from her school paddling
Such a large school paddle for such a petite girl
She does not look too happy as she prepares for her 2nd swat
From the look on her face, I would guess the 1st swat was effective
That sore bottom is about to get six more, full force with the paddle
She quickly grows tired of being on display, holding her ankles
The Dean inspects the results from her previous strapping
No matter how hard she tries to ignore it, she can't help but stare at the wooden school paddle
After more than 10 minutes, the anticipation of a hard paddling becomes difficult to bare.
On her 1st day at RSI the Dean demands that she wait for her paddling, fully naked.
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